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in RONALD RAND’s acclaimed Solo Performance Play 



Inspiring! Spectacularly researched!"

“Time stood still in moments you created in the play.
It was stunning, a revelatory experience. A very important play.”

“Ronald Rand is one of the great dedicated artist of the American Theater.”

"Simply wonderful! He brings Harold Clurman alive for all of us!"

“A great pleasure and privilege having you come and share with us.
Harold Clurman’s book had a deep impact on my life.
I was thrilled to meet him through your remarkable performance.
An unforgettable experience for audiences of all ages.”

“You are an amazing person and a great artist.
I've learned so much from you
about theatre, comedy, acting, and about life.
You have amazing energy, very positive, motivating,
and I am grateful to you for sharing it with us
as the director of “LUV” here in Sarajevo.
I loved your performance in “Let It Be Art!”

“Your performance truly touched me. Beautiful, beautiful work.
I’m so glad I got to see it.”

“Very fine stage work. Most impressive – the very essence of true acting. A great pleasure seeing your fine performance in Mumbai. Harold Clurman and his influential book, “The Fervent Years” had a deep impact on my work as an actor and director.”

"Theatre's Elder Statesman Reborn!"

"LET IT BE ART! Harold Clurman's Life of Passion offers indelible insights into a theatrical legend and the mysteries of the theatre itself."

"Fascinating! A theatrical evening not to be missed!”

A celebrated solo portrayal!”

Rand is an illusionist! What a performance!
You "blew me out of the ballpark!" 
You were Harold Clurman come to life!”

“It was great to have you at the Watermill Art Center. Thanks so much for presenting Harold in “LET IT BE ART!” Everyone was so fascinated.”

“You were just superb…Incredible and most appreciated!!!!”

“Mr. Rand’s presence in my classroom was a gift. 
He is a valuable educator and an indispensable asset to the American theatre. In such a short time you were able to grasp my students’ level and really play to their growing strength. Your performance was a memorable experience for all my students.

“Your expertise and wide knowledge which you shared with our students made a very deep impression at my students at my Actor Prepares Acting Academy in Mumbai.”

“Your performance thrilled our audiences and we were honored have “Let It Be Art!” a part of our SLAVIJA International Theatre Festival. Your portrayal of this great man of the theatre touched the hearts and souls of everyone who came. We were also grateful the U.S. Ambassador was able to attend and enjoyed the evening very much.”

"Your performance was the first performance by an American in our Festival.  A memorable experience for all those attending the 20th year of our “Voices of History” International Theatre Festival.” 

“Ronald Rand embodies the highest standards to which all of us in the theatre aspire. More than anyone who I know, he seeks to preserve the great traditions of the theatre, and impart to a contemporary audience the highest standards, traditions, complexity, depth, and soul of the American theatre. He has extraordinary energy, perseverance, and dedication to his work.”

“We were privileged to have you teach your Workshops at the Last Frontier Theatre Conference. Because of your expertise in working with my students, I saw them do work I didn’t think they were capable of. You are an amazingly giving artist.”

“Your workshop was especially meaningful here in Bangkok – a rare and unforgettable experience for everyone.”

“You gave my students a deep and meaningful experience from your teaching. They learned a great deal and it made them much more aware of their lives as young artists.”

“It’s a terribly important play! It touched me in so many ways! Just great!”

“Beautiful, really beautiful play!”

“Just fabulous! I loved every minute!"

“MARVELOUS! You brought Harold Clurman back to me in the most charming way!”

“Audiences everywhere should see this play! An Excellent performance. The actors of the State Municipality Theatre and the students learned a great deal from his Acting Workshop. Thanks to you, my students became seriously interested in learning more about American acting teachers, American acting. They requested a seminar on The Group Theatre, which I taught. Your visit helped open a new window to teaching American theatre and acting in Turkey.”


"It was just terrific, a really fine performance!"

“ A Triumph! The Cape May audiences were particularly inspired and delighted meeting Harold Clurman!”

“Great work! A privilege to be in the audience!”

"I loved the show! You were wonderful as Harold Clurman!"

" A very valuable experience!”

"It was really excellent.
"It was wonderful having you perform "LET IT BE ART! Harold Clurman's Life of Passion" for us, a really excellent performance!
We had a great time!"

I feel like I've met Harold Clurman!”

“It was all everyone talked about for the entire week, absolutely loved it!

“The students just couldn’t get enough, they were thrilled!”

“An extraordinary transformation!”

“So worthwhile! We’re so glad you came! “LET IT BE ART! Harold Clurman's Life of Passion” made a deep impression on every one that saw it!”

"Absolutely amazing!"

"I thought I was watching Harold Clurman come alive!"

“You were simply wonderful. Steven and I were so moved.
We wish you a long run with LET IT BE ART! Harold Clurman's Life of Passion…
And by the way, you’re one great actor!!!”

"It was wonderfu!"

"Stunning! A tour de Force! Simply Marvelous!"

"I was in my element! Simply wonderful, it was excellent!"

"Clurman represented the spirit and soul of The GIFT Festival! Simply magnificent!"

"Congratulations on a beautiful, inspiring performance. You have given us such a gift by bringing Harold Clurman to those of us who never knew him. I thank you for shining your light and thereby allowing his light to shine through you."

"Great benefit to our students, inspiring them to creative lives in the theatre."

"We will all be better for Ronald Rand's incarnation."

"LET IT BE ART! Harold Clurman's Life of Passion" was one of the most exciting events ever at Guild Hall!"

"A simply tremendous experience in the theatre!"

"Bravo, Ron! I'm so glad I was able to catch your show. It's a mine of information and fun reminders of the greats in American Theatre. You have a prodigious memory and I enjoyed all the "characters" you played."

"Thanks and appreciation for your fine work on “LET IT BE ART! Harold Clurman's Life of Passion” in Des Moines.
I believe “LET IT BE ART! Harold Clurman's Life of Passion” was a fine choice for The Interstate Exchange to make for our first production. It is a matter of record that your fine work was very well received by the audiences in the Midwest. This has improved our reputation, as well as public knowledge of Harold Clurman and appreciation for the theatre at large. “LET IT BE ART! Harold Clurman's Life of Passion” is a piece formidable in scope, and your energies devoted to its development are evident. The energy and professionalism with which you executed the production proves out the potential for theatre to enrich our lives. I look forward to seeing future incarnations of this work. We all owe you a debt of gratitude for “LET IT BE ART! Harold Clurman's Life of Passion.””

"Directed in such fine detail."

  "Your Clurman at the Episcopal Actors Guild was wonderful! Your research and magnificent performance will stay with me forever. I want to see it again!

"I had the opportunity of seeing you play Mr. Clurman and although I knew very little about him and The Group Theatre, for the past 14 days I think only of Theatre and Mr. Clurman. And that is due to your performance which I love and admire. I have to say what Mr. Clurman said about theatre and life connected with my thoughts about it. You made me think about that it is our responsibility to educate our audience and I will do my best to make people come and see theatre and take something from it. I admire your work in every way and I thank you for making me believe in my thoughts and myself."

I attended your performance and being a young actor, I thought I would have never had the chance to meet Harold Clurman himself or understand his critical role in reconstructing the American theatre. In your performance of "LET IT BE ART! Harold Clurman's Life of Passion," I feel I had this opportunity, to cross time and space to get to know a man so in love with life that he seemed indestructible in the face of adversity, and who would not stop until the world understood. I felt as if you had found a friend who felt and thought as I do, and who seems to say, "I am different, but I am myself, and that is all that matters." I truly felt as if I had met someone whom I needed to meet in order to understand the true nature of the Theatre we work in, as well as its objectives, and its importance to the world. You embodied the character, the man, and the legend. I thank you for this experience, Mr. Rand, and I am truly, truly grateful."

"I've just gotten back from seeing your wonderfully written, acted and staged performance. You have truly created a great piece of work on so many levels. "LET IT BE ART! Harold Clurman's Life of Passion" is historically informing and artistically inspiring. I thank you for your gift of passion for theatre. And so many your magic and your art live on."

"I want to thank you for a great evening with a man I plan to get to know better! "LET IT BE ART! Harold Clurman's Life of Passion" didn't feel like a play, I didn't feel like I was watching an actor, but the man himself. I am also an actor, just starting out in my career, and look forward to adding Mr. Clurman as a mentor."

Dear Ronald,

Having studied and worked with Harold and Stella Adler, I truly enjoyed the witty and significant dialogue that this production offered. And, your rendition or should I say “embodiment” of Harold was so real to me that there were moments I actually forgot I wasn’t seeing and hearing the original Mr. Clurman!

What a wonderful piece of theatre to expose new generations to, and a rare treat for Clurman fans to have the opportunity to witness. Thank you for a very special evening in the theatre that I won’t forget, and would certainly enjoy re-visiting at future presentations.

Warmest regards.

To all Thespians:

Don’t miss Ronald Rand’s show, “LET IT BE ART! Harold Clurman's Life of Passion.” It is as inspiring and witty and exhilarating as Harold Clurman he was. Every actor, every person, young and old should see Ronald Rand’s resurrection of the passionate and witty Clurman. It will remind you why theatre matters. And it does according to Clurman! As he said: “I believe people are made better people by seeing great drama – even if only for the fifteen steps past the exit of the theatre.”

I have personally known Ronald Rand for about a dozen years and there is no one who is as dedicated to keeping our proud history alive in the American Theatre as he. He is also the author of The Group!, based on The Group Theatre, in which I had the honor of playing the role of Morris Carnovsky and Sandy Meisner. Every time I either work with Ronald Rand or view one of his creations, I always leave the experience a better person. There are a few people who make me proud of being an artist; Ronald Rand is one of them.

You must see “LET IT BE ART! Harold Clurman's Life of Passion,” it’s food for the soul.

Testimonials from Playwrights

"A terrific play! "

“Thank you so much for inviting me to LET IT BE ART! Harold Clurman's Life of Passion last night. You were BRILLIANT! What a transformation – I couldn’t believe it was you. I feel now I know Harold Clurman intimately. What an incredible human being. I was happy to see in the program that there will be a run of the play soon.
Congrats! You deserve it. Applause, applause.”

"A Tour de Force!"

"You don't want to miss it, it's wonderful!"

"Well directed by Gregory Abels. Ronald Rand is amazing. He keeps the audience enthralled by creating the passionate personality of the great Harold Clurman, who is an example for all of us. Teachers should see to it that students by the thousands witness this play!"

"After having the privilege of attending a performance by Ronald Rand portraying Harold Clurman, I felt as though I had actually met the dynamic brilliant theatrical genius."



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