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As Angels Watched Overhead
As We Painted Together
I Stand on the Shore of Time
An Artist All Too Rare
By the Soul of an Artist
Swirling Me
An Artist Beyond Compare
I Take a Breath
Martha’s Art
Wondrous Diamond Head
Beautiful Seagull
I Was at Peace
O To Share
If I Spoke to You
I am but a Footstool
Fishing Among the Lies
Make Up Your Mind
Everything I am
Prayer on a Window in Alabama
A New Day A New Year


"The Luthier" by Martha Carpenter

As Angels Watched Overhead

A man is at work, a son of the South.
A woman is at work on the man at work, a daughter of the South.
What is his trade you may ask? Her trade?
Both honest trades, both born to create. Craftsman at work.
Yes, we’ve stumbled upon craftsman at work … As angels watched overhead.
Both work, as the spirit works through them.
She goes about her business with faith, and a knowing of the brush.
He tends to the wood, bending it to meet his needs.
While the man in the painting holds a skirt of wood.
She speaks the language of paint holding a brush of wood. While we are but witnesses.
This man, this solitary man, meets his wood.
This woman, this solitary woman, meets her canvas.
Both suspended in time and space fashioning art from life,
upon a solitary planet, beneath the stars of time.
They say art can soothe the soul.
Music lift the spirit, both bringing everlasting life.
But first, wood must be fashioned, strings attached, paint mixed and applied.
Born with a gift of seeing, the artist’s hands fashion a painting through a craft,
springing from a soul of light.
As she gently dipped her brush into the colors of the earth,
she listened and observed.
Thus, the music of the canvas was born.
There is that moment when true inspiration comes.
When Mozart played, Einstein’s brain flashed.
This painter beheld a simple act of creation, and now her light illumines the world
… As angels watched overhead.


As We Painted Together

Across from me you sat,
your brush moving
ever so gently across the canvas.
With each assured stroke
A painting emerged.
Nearby pines swayed
in the calm breeze
Among the blissful viridescent oasis.
Vermillion swept across my painting,
You chose a shade of green.
Sky above, lake below.
Paradise; heaven-sent from celestial angels.
Feathers had fallen in our path
Heralding the dawn of a new-found love.
As we gazed into each other eyes,
I felt the beauty of your touch
I heard you whisper: I love you.
Time vanished forever
As we painted together.


I Stand on the Shore of Time

I stand on the shore of time
my mind skipping across its surface.
If I were to dip into its waters
what would I find?
I take a step forward
and immediately
feel refreshed,
my soul rising
to embrace my destiny.
Now, truly alive
my heart sings
a song of dreams.
I take another step
without hesitation,
immersing myself completely,
everything inside
I have come home.


An Artist All too Rare

Bringing alive a moment in time,
shaping faces, images, expanding minds,
Martha’s brush holds a vision
of so much beauty, such sublime subtlety
that willingly I enter her realm
to delight in all my senses.

In a world gone mad by
too many lost souls,
extreme noise, and lack of control,
to gaze upon such colors, such art –
Coming from a heart so rare
full of grace and love
and charm and care
fills me with the breath of life.

Peacefully I go, to seek her
among the willows and the cat o’tails
in a land called Alabama.
An artist all too rare
for if she will allow me
to join her there, I will –
Counting myself lucky
but only if I dare.


By the Soul of an Artist

Gracefully gliding across the canvas
Her eye guiding her hand
As colors grow upon the surface
Layer upon layer till form appears.
Thus a portrait is born
Created and brought to life
Fed by the soul of an artist.
Locks of glistening blonde,
Eyes aglow, dimpled chin
And crystalline cheeks
Emerging into angelic face.
A soul emerges before our gaze,
Pure, innocent and unafraid.
Such has art throughout all of time
Captured life’s vastness and fragility,
Unmasking ambiguity
Laying bare our soul.


Swirling me

Swirling, swirling me
Nature can you see
All that I am
Swirling, swirling me
Where are we going?
Round and round and round
I am at your mercy
My insides washed away
Swirling, swirling me
Swirling, swirling me



An Artist beyond Compare

When I behold your works of art
My senses reveal to me
Thou art an artist beyond compare.
And all the dawns of all the yesterdays
And all the worlds to come
Hold no more than a promise
When I but slip inside
A portrait by thine.
Your fingers gliding gracefully
Gently ‘cross with lightning speed,
Pastel in hand,
And then behold
A creation born anew
Where but a moment ago
Blank canvas was before mine eyes.
Now such a masterpiece of
Exquisite line, of shape and form.
I am transfixed, transformed,
Betwixted, bewitched
And brought such joy!!


I Take a Breath

Birds’ songs fill the air
Sun’s rays glow through the branches
My body eases across the bed
My darling lies alseep next to me
As the sun climbs to say good morning
Cobwebs glitter in the window frame
Tall fir trees sway slowly.
A gentle breeze caresses me
My heart is filled with love.
For my darling, for nature,
For the world in which we live.
A gentle good morning
Soon to be filled with new life.
Ah, it is so good to be alive.


Martha’s Art

Gracefully gliding across the canvas
Her eye guiding her hand
As colors grow upon the surface
Layer upon layer till form appears.
Thus a portrait is born
Created and brought to life
Fed by the soul of an artist.
Locks of glistening blonde,
Eyes aglow, dimpled chin
And crystalline cheeks
Emerging into angelic face.
A soul emerges before our gaze,
Pure, innocent and unafraid.
Such has art throughout all of time
Captured life’s vastness and fragility,
Unmasking ambiguity
Laying bare our soul.




Wondrous Diamond Head

I wake to see you.
My heart full of love and thankfulness
for the new day.
The first people who came to this island
saw you as do I.
Out of you this island was born.
Lava once flowed down your peaks
and continues to burn as it did at your birth.
Thus life began here in this vast pool
of crystalline blue.
Whispers of clouds float by.
Waves of the sea
wash up on your shore.
You are now silent, a roaring giant
that once fed the sea.
You rest now, smiling,
Gladness flowing from your heart.
I hear you whisper to me,
as the light of the dawn
caresses your folds.
You awaken to greet us all.
Slivers of pink appear
as friends in the sky.
Birds gaily announcing the new day,
rejoicing in their song
my heart sings.
I look upon you
as you look into me.
The island of Oahu comes to life
as doves float gracefully by
through the still warm air of the morning.
Yes, a new day has come.


Beautiful Seagull

Beautiful seagull
Flying overhead
Where are you going?
What do you see?
Beautiful seagull
How I’d like to glide
On your wings
Through the clouds overhead
Past the trees far below
Beautiful seagull
I’m flying with thee
From here to there
And back again
Beautiful seagull
This is what life’s for
To let the heart soar
For ever more


I Was at Peace

Climbing to the top,
I settled on a ledge
Made of rock formed
Before the dawn of time.
I was at peace.
Before me nature bounteous in its beauty.
How had I come to such a place?
Had life existed before this moment?
All seemed right with the world
I had come home
Cradled by the universe
If only all the world could hold nature in its heart
If only all souls upon the planet cherished
Peace and joy above all.


O To Share

O to share life like a new born tree
about to feel the warmth of the sun.

There is so much more waiting to be born.

What is needed is Herculean strength,
the patience of a Zen master
and a mother hen.

O to trust
in the universal breath of love
in all its richness, joy,
and beauty.



If I Spoke To You

If I spoke to you
What would I say?
That could express our dream together.
We’re two souls upon the earth
Breathing, living, sleeping, dreaming.
Awaking each day
With eyes anew
to see the light in one another.
Is it all a dream?


I Am but a Footstool

I am but a footstool, a wheel set into motion.
Sands shift beneath my feet.
I’m sure I left footprints here
But I can’t see them any longer.
Blindly going forward, with my heart open,
Dreams in my hands for all to see.
What do I seek?  What do I see?

From the very beginning when light first appeared
I asked what brought me here.  Who I was.
Why there was this voice inside of me.
Somehow I seemed to know what I was meant to do.

Pouring out stories crossing contours of the earth,
Greeted by those willing to listen.
Singing tunes, telling tales,
Discovering ways of digging deeper
Into the recesses of the soul.

Hearts rising, falling together
Leaping in ways we never imagined.
Beguiling, mystifying, tantalizing, tapping bones,
Making sounds, nature at our side.

Becoming beasts and shadows,
A river and its banks.
With each pounding of the drum,
We’d fall and sway
Until life stirred within our breasts.
What made me move in such a way?
Who had I become?
What is this “other” that comes inside?
I am you, it says.  You are me.
Apart though we are, we beat as one.

And that is how it began.
Sharing grief and pain,
Beauty and joy
Mystery and death.

Bathing, hands once held me when I was new.
Crying out, I’d wail deep and long
Blown like a feather, wind inside my head.
Dreams of spirits, crashing rhymes,
Dancing in my soul.

One day I embarked, not knowing where I’d go.
My heart, open with anticipation.
Touching the sky, something stirred inside,
Soaring, with no idea if I’d crash to earth.
When I couldn’t see what was below,
Somehow I knew I’d remain whole.

What urged me on?
Would I were a plant firmly rooted in the earth
Not meant to feel such hardship, pain and suffering.
Let time be one of joy.
Yet I embrace my path.


Long ago, tremors raced in my heart
Giving me my strength.
Why is there so much pain in my soul
Why come this way only to be lost
Will this pain ever go
Perhaps I sought what was not mine to hold.

In an instant everything changes, falls away,
Gone, gone, forever more.

Yet I came
Though I knew things would change.
To disappear, without a trace.
Awakenings, love and joy.
Gone, like a dream.

One moment my heart opened
Like a flower in morning dew.
Now I strive to understand why it’s so hard to let go
When I gave all my heart and soul.
My insides flayed, bare.
Gashes, open, deep and wide.
My soul grieves.
When will peace come?
I know it’s necessary feel.
Where has happiness fled?
Yes, life is rich, this I know.
Why do I grieve.  Why grieve at all.

Far back in your soul
You know this is what was meant to be.
Now loss has come, no words are left.
The moment lived.
Others may have been this way.
Can I heal to grow
When I’m beyond letting go.

We found one another
Only to be separated.

I floated on water.
Resting backwards,
My back flush upon the stone.
Arms, legs outstretched, carried, caressed.

The sun, the sky, the moon above.
But for a few moments
To feel such calmness, ease.
The bliss of surrender
To be re-born in an instant.
Nature, in all its purity, released my soul.

I floated, flowing into life’s stream.
Founding out who I was.
All fears and doubts disappeared.
Feeling so alive.
Will I ever experience so much again?

But now I go, unlikely to return.
For an instant my soul gave me permission
Wave upon wave, currents altering time and space.
Soul, guide me.
How unaware I have become
Of what it means to be alive.

Bellowing in the darkness to the sky.
I am restored now, I am whole.
My vision cleared
I see how things are meant to be.
Unseen shapes guide my dreams,
Leading me forward.

Now dawn appears, and with it, a new day to live.
Those who have lived are now encased in stone
Have seen it on their watch.
Come, come to me, new day.
Taking a step forward,
I find hope and faith, peace and grace.

Let me dance once more upon the earth.
To revel in all of life’s mysteries.
To hear the robin’s song.
To see the shadows of the sun
That creep along my path.

I am ready for the path before me.
Though still my soul lies littered
Like a battlefield filled with vultures.

My heart pumps, blood filling my veins.
Knowing no other way to live.
I recognize the road.
A wisp in the wind.
As humanity swirls around me.

As a baby I was tossed through the air,
Landed unhurt, held by invisible angels.
Who now once again cradle me
In earth’s nourishing waters.

Another time, thrown into a pool,
Sinking to its bottom,
Losing consciousness.
Bright light filling my senses, moving towards light,
Lifted out, revived upon the shore.

Now, my heart reminds me,
Guides me as I breathe.
Through the roughest of seas
While the earth bubbles beneath us all.

Upon a mountain top I cried
Tears for what will never be again.
A vagabond of hope
Howling at the moon.

To survive I know is what’s necessary
In life’s maelstrom of agony and pain
I know finding my way.
My quests awaits me.
To self, my path, my soul.



Fishing among the Lies

When I get to Byzantium
Layers upon layers litter the floor;
It is no longer a pretty sight

Oceanic waves litter the countryside
Who knows how many are lost …
I came to see –
Am I afraid?
I do not know

Every engine has been lost
Every piece of the brain that functions –
I’m certain there was a reason …

Catch the shadow before it’s too late,
Experience the dawn

Are you sure it was meant to be seen

I no longer meditate
Pumping blood within my breast
Feeds the evil
Challenges mediocrity


Speak out reason
You are unstoppable
Question everything

Why have you forged this path?
I do not know

I am no longer young
Whisper to the gods
Speak your name
I am your friend
Your friend of long ago
You have weathered so much

Are you sure it’s over

Average height
You are no longer young
Why must you lie to the ages

I’m going home
Whispering among the stools
Lay down every doubt
Your time has come
Note it well

Oceans have flooded the plains
You are a witness
Shall you take your place

Oceans of doubt I have known
Now lost to the wind
It’s obvious you are new-born

Why have you come
Why do you whisper to me
Is it because you have chosen the truth
Carry forth
Fishing among the lies
I’m not letting go until I know.

Forge forward
Into the mist
Before it is too late
Questioning yourself
Are you a fool to try?
A fool to awaken?

I’m lost to which way to turn
Forward or backward
I choose where no man can go
But see the truth.


Make up your Mind

When I arrived, it was afternoon.  Got off the 3: 32.
Made my way across town.  Stood for the longest time.
Just looking.
Nothin’ much happened.   Nobody went by.
Town lost its luster long ago.  Went bust like the others.
Boarded up, empty.   Not a thing to shake a stick at.
Getting ahead of myself.   Hadn’t planned on coming.
Didn’t cross my mind till yesterday when this pretty little thing came up to me.   Actually day before yesterday.
“You my pa” she says.
What kind of a question is that?   Her eyes meltin’ my insides.
“Don’t know, girl.”
She took another look.   Must’ve decided I wasn’t worth the trouble.
Much like a dog smells you, then decides there’s a better one ‘round the corner.
Stood there, watchin’ her walk away.
Maybe that’s what did it.  Nothin’ made sense anymore.
Maybe it didn’t matter which side was up.
But that house wouldn’t stop staring.
Started to rain.  Clouds decided to wet their whistle.
Tried leanin’ close to the building.  Didn’t do much good.
What was I doing?  Buying a ticket.  Getting’ on a train.
Couple went by, chatterin’.  In a hurry to get somewhere.
Maybe I oughta follow them.
My eyes hurt.  Maybe if I took a breath…?
That’s better.  Rain’s not lettin’ up.
Front door’s the same.   The porch and all.
Where she put her hands on my shoulders.
Keyhole’s the same.   In it’d go, like butter.
Make up your mind.



Everything I Am

I want to go deep inside and grapple
With all the hurts and all pains,
All the things that life’s thrown at me.
I know I’m not perfect.
But I’m willing to change.
If I was a stone I’d sink in a well,
Down, down, down, out of control…
Until I was so deep I couldn’t fight my way back to the surface
Then I’d let go and float
Slowly returning to the light.
I’ve been shown things that aren’t good, that don’t help,
That get in the way.
Somehow I missed what I needed to hear early on.
So what was in me that prevented me
From hearing what I needed?
Is it my nature that makes me move too fast,
Keeps me making the same mistakes?
Is it fear making me do it?
Of not having enough?
Of not being enough?
As a kid, I could get away with things.
I learned tricks.  I could get upset to get what I wanted.
I’d fight for attention.
Now I want to believe in something more.
To show all of me,
To be vulnerable and live from my heart.
To give all of myself
…yeah, everything I am.



Prayer on a Window in Alabama

Took a while to get up here...  whoo, quite a climb today.                            
May the Lord keep all those within this hospital safe
and may they get their health back.
Who’s that?
Oh, Martha, are you taking my picture?
Wait a second, chee-eeze!!

I’ve got to show my best side.
Just never know how you’ll look in the morning.   
Oh and this as bright and beautiful one you can get.
Another clear day in Alabama.
Oh, are you taking another one, Martha.  Go, girl!

Got great legs, don’t I.  Wanted to get up here as early as I could.
Lots of folks needing as many prayers as I can get ‘em.
And I got a special one for your Pop.
May he rest easy and feel as good as it gets.
Last week found myself perched outside a young soul who needed a lot of ease.
Seems he came back from bein’ out in a desert far away.
Glad he found his way back so I could do some prayin’ for him.
We all need prayers.  Sure can help.
Guess that’s where I come in.
Next time you need a prayer, think of me and give a holler.
Got to be moving on now.  Have a lot of praying to do.
But you know where to find me.

photo by Martha Carpenter


A New Day    A New Year

Every day when the earth’s ride through the stars
brings a glorious new day,
I’m blessed to light upon your glowing face
and bright light-filled eyes.
As our souls rise to greet a new world
I hear the guardians of the sky begin their daily song.
I wake from my slumber and with each new breath
I am thankful to have you in my life.
A new year has come.
All that has been is never more.
All that can be is within our grasp.
All that will come is waiting for us
Let us grasp it and welcome it to our bosom.
With each new breath so many possibilities unfold.
We have but a short time to dream our lives.
Do our hearts know the way?
Let all misgivings and doubts fade away.
It is still early.
Let us go out and greet the new dawn.



The Shimmering Light of Love
Love be Love
Be Mine Forever
The Most Miraculous Gift is You
Tears of Joy
Another Perfect Day
When I Think of You
Upon the Morning’s Glow
An Ode of Our Love
A Dream Thou Art
As We Go Forward
Can You Dream
A New World
When I Lift Your Hand
To Walk Beside You
When I Think of You
You Touch All the Joy in My Heart
Every Moment
Sonnet for my Love


The Shimmering Light of Love

Every moment
As the earth turns
On its beautiful axis,
I think of you.
Every moment
When the starling drops
Lightly into its nest
To feed it’s young,
I think of you.
Every moment
When a leaf rustles
Among its sisters and brothers
High upon the top of an elm,
I think of you.
With each breath
With each glance
With each joyful step;
Love comes and caresses us,
Beckoning us both
To fall into each other arms.
Soon I will behold you,
And love you
As I do now.
Darling I think of you,
Every moment
Every moment
Every moment.



Love    Be love

Coming forward into the light
Being swept by invisible forces
Changing shape
Letting go is the only way.

A new shape emerges
A new variation of dance
I merge into a single moment
Time disappears
As I see for the first time.

My heart soars into breathtaking flight
Is it happiness?  Joy?
Words can’t begin to describe
It just feels so right.

A cloud keeps changing
A sea fan sways in an invisible current
Sharing the beauty of life together.

Be everything you were meant to be
Do everything you were meant to do


Be Mine Forever

Do you know how much my heart is thine –
Your words and gentle mind have shown me how,
Like a dipping butterfly
gliding gracefully from flower to flower –
We’ll slip inside each other’s soul
and kiss the face of forever told.
I like who you are
so together let’s find out
who we are.
Come with me
Dance with me
Twirl me
Spin me
Love me
Be mine forever.


The Most Miraculous Gift is You

The most miraculous gift is you
Nothing on earth can compare
     to your exquisiteness.
I open my heart and welcome
     your beauty to shine even
     more over me.
I am grateful for your willingness
     to let our love cover our lives.
I see your face and my heart
     leaps skyward in joy.
Know, darling, I am with you
     till I am beside you.
You have shown me how
     beautiful your love is and
     I will love you with my
     heart and soul.
I can feel your glow and love
     every part of my day.
Let us whisper our love to one
     another and then shout it to
     the stars: I love you!  I love you! I love you!



Tears of Joy

As the new day begins
And the memories of yesterday fade away
Gratefulness fills my heart as
Tears of joy come to rest upon my cheek.
I have found you, my darling,
Among the stars and you, I.
We have been guided by fortune and fate
As dew drops of joy fall upon our hearts,
Showering us all around like a
Cornucopia of dancing butterflies and bees
Dance upon a meadow of buttercups
And willow trees.
Hold me tighter and as I clasp
You to my bosom
Galaxies of angels play upon their
Harps and violins, their laughter
And glow filling our hearts and souls.



Another Perfect Day

Today the sun rose
It was another perfect day.

Today I talked with you.
It was another perfect day.

Today the universe lit up my life with love.
It was another perfect day.

Today I learned how strong I can be.
It was another perfect day.

Today I love with all my heart,
Surrounding you with all my heart.
It was another perfect day.


When I Think of You

When I think of you
       Cascades of flowers fill my eyes.
When I think of you
       A mountain spring bubbles up somewhere on planet earth.
When I think of you
       Peaceful waves gracefully come to shore.

When I think of you
      A deer family calmly stands under caring trees.
When I think of you
     My soul flies up to heaven.
When I think of you
     I taste your fingertips upon my lips.
When I think of you
      A peace comes, a stillness in my soul.
When I think of you
      Your voice comes to me on angel’s wings.
When I think of you
      Smiles fill my heart.
When I think of you
      I am at peace, grateful to you for your being you.
When I think of you
      The moon, the sun, the stars are a reflection of our love
      showering light on all things.
When I think of you
      You are close within my breast, forever.



Upon the Morning’s Glow

Upon the morning’s glow
Comes a new dawn to hasten
The arrival of all the love
I hold in my heart for you.
Each day holds such golden promise
As I weep with tears of joy
that I have found you I know
There were many yesterdays
When hope was not readily apparent
But now with the sound of your voice
The love I feel in your heart
The love you shower upon me
All my today’s are brighter
Beyond the brightest star
That rests in the firmament.
The universe has given us
A golden moment of joy and peace.
May the universe continue to bless and hold us
In generosity, esteem, beauty and respect,
the deepest friendship.
Darling, know all of life that has come before,
That will come after us, blesses us.
We have landed on the shore
Of a new world together
I hold you in my heart,
In my arms, in my soul,
Forever and forever more.



An Ode of Our Love

If I picked all the flowers
on this side of the lake
I’d lay them at your feet.
Then I would make the longest
garland to wave around
your hair.  I’d lay out all
the butterflies I could catch
and ask them to dance
for you.  Happily they’d
fly around, kissing you lightly.
And when they were done
I’d lay out grain after grain
from every shore and climb
upon it until I reached the
moon and capture moonbeam
after moonbeam to throw
up in the air. We’d watch
them fall together and
when we were done the
wind would blow and
the sky sparkle, as I would
ask the trees to tea, and as
they lifted their limbs to
drink quite freely, we’d
dance among their leaves
tango-ing till dawn.



A Dream thou Art

A dream thou art
Filled with so much
Meaning and import
Lifting my soul ever higher.
Coming to me when you did
On the wings of a prayer,
I felt your whisper following me
Calling out to me and
When you appeared
The sky beheld such light,
Rainbows appeared
Shedding newfound love
To all corners of the earth.
You have wrought such miracles
Skipping sheep upon the hills
Rise up as do the deer and
Mountain goats – all of nature
Is astounded by thy beauty.
And I am but a passing
Meteor in the sky while you
A galaxy I can shoot across.
As we gain sustenance
From the Gods, our love
Grows brighter, even so
Will you be my Heartsong,
Heartsoul ever more.



As We Go Forward

Your voice is the balm of my soul
Your eyes hold the luster of a galaxy
Your lips devour mine as we allow even
Greater good to enter our lives
Hold me, trust together we will
go forward in greater love.
So much light surrounds us.
Your beauty lifts my soul
each and every day.
Your light refreshes my heart.
Your goodness restores my being.
Won’t you walk with me, and
As we go forward, peace descends
upon our path. I lift you, as you lift me,
closer to a greater knowing
of faith and beauty
that will sustain us forevermore.


Can You Dream

Can you hear how my heart
beats for you?
Can you feel how my body
longs to be next to you?
Can you touch my fingertips
touching yours in the most intimate way?
Can taste my tongue upon yours
as we slowly move closer to one another?
Can you dream, as I do, of your caresses
upon my body?
Can you swallow all the love exploding from my being
with all the deep loving and joy I feel for you?
Can you hold me tighter and I will hold you tighter
as we rest in each others arms?


A New World

As the new day breaketh, and dawn arrives
Birds lightly hop from branch to branch
Singing their joyful songs… (whistle twice)
And my heart, with deep longing, yearns
To gaze once more upon your glowing visage
Knowing full well, soon, upon angel’s wings
We will once again behold one another
And clasp our souls to each other’s bosoms.
And all the darkened yesterdays
Will be but a memory, when in that moment
I can behold your shining visage,
Your wondrousness, my dear.
Soon, we’ll hold each other within our grasp,
Our immortal souls filling with such delight,
That all the horns upon all the shores upon all the distant lands
Will sound their mighty blasts
Proclaiming a new world is seen at last.



When I Lift Your Hand

When I lift your hand,
Holding it in mine
Oceans cease their
Toil-less tides to whisper
Among its waves;
Two souls have found
One another
Upon the planet –
To bend and love,
To drink in other’s grace.
Hold me tighter, darling
For I will hold you tighter still;
For you have come to me
Upon angels’ prayers.
Whisper in my ear
As I whisper in yours –
I love you.
I have loved you
From the beginning of time
And will for all ages to come.
Share with me, my love –
Step forward with me
As I offer my soul
To care for you,
To breathe with you,
To gently love you
With all of my being
In peace and joy.



To Walk Beside You

What had I come for?
What was I seeking?
I heard a longing
in your voice
a desire to be held.
I heard in your voice
a wish to be loved.
I heard in your voice
a need to be as one.
And so I came
To walk beside you.
And so I did.


When I Think of You

When I think of you
I’m filled with desires of hope and beauty
My dreams widen to encompass the world.
Residing on the earth
I’m in contact with the stars
And all of me is reborn.
Between a cobweb and a moonlit night.
I think of your smile
And go on living.


You Touch All the Joy in My Heart

As the morning’s glow
wraps itself around the earth –
As the music makers of the tress
let free with their melodious song –
As my soul
rises to embrace the new day –
I gaze upon your beauty
beside me
And your splendor
blesses me to be alive.
Darling –
You touch all the joy in my heart
awakening me
beyond all dreaming.


Every Moment

Every moment
When the earth turns
On its beautiful axis,
I think of you.
Every moment
When the starling drops
Lightly into its nest
To feed it’s young,
I think of you.
Every moment
When a leaf rustles
Among its sisters and brothers
High upon the top of an elm,
I think of you.
With each breath
With each glance
With each joyful step;
Love comes and caresses us,
Beckoning us both
To fall into each other arms.
Soon I will behold you,
And love you
As I do now.
Darling I think of you,
Every moment
Every moment
Every moment.


Sonnet for my Love

Where upon I do
but wait and gaze
upon thy glowing face …
How quickly doth the hours
on the clock exchange
one moment for another.
I see the glow of the new day;
The sky beckons the golden
orb to appear;
Plaintive music in the trees
begin anew,
As the world doth
turn upon a pin.
I doth know too well
how much my heart
beats for thee.
Causing each day to be
a clarion call for
true rejoicing.
Giving up any doubt
or gloom or regret,
I face the day
with cheer.
We have but a few short
hours upon this
turning clock of dust,
So each new day giveth
us a chance to
begin again.
Each hour spent with
thee is but a dream.
Each moment calmeth
my soul and brings
me such joy
which could soothe
a thousand typhoons
although they rage
amidst a sea of foam.
When I do but look
upon your grace and art,
I behold all things good
in this world,
and though we still are
at such an early time
knowing one another’s
mind and distemper;
The King of all creation
hath brought us together
to glow within each other’s
orbit, to learn anew
how to love and be.
Take my hand, my dear
and I, yours;
and together
we will climb to the
highest peak and
gaze upon the world
refreshed, reborn
for all to see.


Along the Road in Russellville

Beside the road
Sits a cabin alone
Vacant, among the weeds,
Its fireplace
Blackened from use.

Once wagons rolled by,
Indians hunted freely
A family lived
Taking refuge from
Winter's blast.

Echoes within the walls
Whisper to me -
Simple songs sung,
A spinning loom
Prayers before bed.

The sun rose
over Russellville
In 1770
just as it does

Yet that morn
A tree fell
To make way,
For a new home
Upon the land.

Across the lane
Young men fish now
Dipping their lines
Into the bright pond.

A young babe,
No higher than a toadstool
Rested upon her mother's lap
On that cabin's porch.

And dreamed.



Charlie Chaplin Dances

Stars in my skysoul
lighting the way I came.

Oceans of heart, liver and brain
Call forth memories of
Who I was,
what I will become.

I break the surface
playing among timeless excuses,

I close my eyes to see
Topsy-turvy visions,
Charlie Chaplin dances.

Holding you
I see a way ahead.

As still water by my window,
Heads towards the sea.


Fisherman of Montevideo

"The seas are rough,"
he thinks to himself,
"still they will bite my hook."
But the fish pay no mind,
they stay where they are.

"Come to my long pole,"
the Fisherman says,
"fish beneath the waves."
But the fish pay no mind.

In crash the waves,
down the sun burns
on his head as
the wind blows.

"Fish, fish, where are you?"
the Fisherman calls.
But the fish pay no mind.

"Never was like this,"
he thinks to himself,
looking at his bucket.
"Always full by now."

The sun leaves it's path
on the waves,
on his face.
Wiping his brow, a sigh
comes to his lips.

A seagull lands.
"Do you know why?"
the Fisherman asks.

In crash the waves,
down the sun burns
on his head
as the wind blows.

A blur of white,
the Fisherman's alone.
"Fish, fish, come to
my hook," he calls.
But the fish pay no mind.

"When I was young,"
he thinks, "When I was
young, the fish
But the fish pay no mind.

In crash the waves,
down the sun burns
on his head
as the wind blows.

"Fish, fish, I  must
eat too!" the Fisherman
But the fish pay no mind.

In the distance, the
sun fades, in crash
the waves, as the
wind blows.

Bowing his head.
"Fish, fish, you
are my only friend."

In crash the waves,
as the wind blows.


Sing, Sing O Earth

The trees stand silent
Enjoying a drink
From the heavens.
Your lips touch mine
Once again we’re
Covered by a
Blanket of stars.
Catching moments
Are all we can do —
Snging spirits of
Breath —
Elliptical mirrors,
Fleeting reflections.
 nature into my soul.
Renew me
to touch anew;
To see like a
Newborn babe
Put aside the questions
All things are unknown.
Sing, sing O earth
Light the darkness
Strangers we are
Our dust is us
And will remain so
For all eternity.

The Old Homestead

Once the saw danced
In the shed to
The twit twit twits of the
Orchard birds.

The land tilted down
Where the hogs were fed,
And nearby water flowed freely
From the old well.

The stone arch still stands
Beckoning all who came
To family gatherings, births,
To pluck the rich fruit
From the vine.

Down to town they'd go,
"Daddy, go faster,"
The young'in's would scream
Round the curves

Times could be hard though,
If the skies withheld its
Liquid gold, and the earth
Grew parched.

But the good Lord
Always looked
Out for the Mitchells
As their prayers an love
Forged a bond with the
Earth and the Heavens above.





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